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Let’s face it, folks – us nerds? We rule the world right now. The biggest franchise in the whole world is based on characters that we and we alone have been invested in for decades. Every American TV channel, from traditional ones like ABC and CW to online ones like Netflix and Hulu is in a race to put as much high-quality superhero stuff on TV as humanly possible (I mean, hell, Hulu was that one place people went to if they missed an episode of some other show, and now they’re making the best adaptation of Runaways ever), and comic books… Um, have never sold worse. But that’s a story for another day! My point is, there’s plenty of content for us nerds to pick from, and that includes online slots! There’s so many really cool slots for us to choose from that it’s really impossible for me to pick just three… But I’ll do it anyway! Here are the three best slots for nerds!

3. Battlestar Galactica

Star Wars and Star Trek are way too mainstream! You know where it’s really at when it comes to sci-fi? Battlestar friggin’ Galactica! While the series has a rather vocal cult following (trust me – I’m there), the majority of people have mostly heard the name, but have no idea what the show’s really about. And trust me, it’s better this way, because it’s best experienced without any prior knowledge, so that the many, many surprises and shocks can hit you fresh! Of a similar quality is Microgaming’s licensed slot, which, unlike so many licensed slots, actually uses pictures and clips from the show! It also gives you quite a lot of unique features, such as a leveling system. When’s the last time you’ve leveled up in a slot? It’s just as amazing as it sounds!

2. Aliens

There’s not a lot of sequels that are better than the original, but Aliens is definitely among them. I once read that horror sequels never work because when you know what the threat is, there’s no more fear and the only thing left to do is blast it to bits. Aliens embraced that principle head-on, giving us one of the best action movies of all time while still keeping a tense atmosphere with its tight, narrow hallways and enemies that can pop out from anywhere. The slot, somehow, manages to stick to that perfectly with literally the best bonus game I’ve ever seen in my life, in which you play a space marine making his way to the Queen’s nest with the intent of putting a bullet in her skull. Whether or not you succeed depends on luck, of course, which only makes the game even more tense!

1. The Avengers

It’s not unfair to say that Marvel (and, to a certain extent, Christopher Nolan with The Dark Knight) helped revolutionize nerd culture and bring about the golden age we’re in right now. I mean, Marvel took a C-list superhero and managed to make him into an international star, to the point where he pretty much kicked Spider-Man off as the face of their company. And his movie didn’t even have a script when shooting! That’s some movie magic right there. What’s even more impressive, however, is PlayTech’s slot adaptation of Marvel’s biggest movie (well, at least until Civil War came out last year), which is just mind-blowingly awesome. Every Avenger has his own bonus round that brings about something completely different (sometimes it’s a bonus round, other times it’s something that helps in-game, like extra wilds or free spins), and you can keep retriggering bonuses practically indefinitely if you’re lucky. And the best part, at least for me, was that each Avenger has a unique, original music theme that plays during their bonus, and they all kick ass. When’s the last time a slot’s music kicked ass?!

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